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Banathya  Botanicals

Much More Than Body Care


Banathya Personal Care

No fillers, no irritating detergents, and no artificial colors or fragrances means you can have confidence that our hygiene products are made with wholistic wellness in mind.

Facial Cream

Spa Body

More than the usual, this section is for what we call "pampering with a purpose". From our Bath Soaks, to Body Polishes, Whipped Butters mix and all in between we've got your stay-cations and me-times covered. 

Luxury Hotel Spa Collection

All About The Men

We wouldn't dare forget about the care of our men. We've got a whole section of Burly Ban products that caters strictly to the fellas. Get what you need today.

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Hair Care

Our Mane Tamed hair care line, while usable by all, is unapologetically formulated to cater to beautifully kinky, coily, and curly hair. Mane Tamed products help naturals, and non-naturals, to maintain a nourished scalp with strong moisturized strands for a healthy beautiful crown. It's truly moist care for coarse hair.


Wellness Teas

The newest addition to the Banathya family, our loose-leaf wellness teas can be enjoyed by novice sippers and more refined palates. Crafted to merge both wellness and taste, our teas boast complex flavors with power house nutritives, like Dandelion and Nettles, to invigorate the taste buds, support the body, and provide all around benefits and enjoyable sipping. How can our wellness teas blends benefit you today?


Home Goods and Accessories

Our inventory is continually updating with items from books, to bathroom accessories, aromatics to home goods and more. Get them for a limited time while supplies last.

Macha Tea

Get In Touch

Have any questions, comments, or concerns? We're here. Want to learn more about our wide range of brand name products? We're here. Email one of our staff members today for assistance.

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