Mama E's Medicine Cabinet

Mama says "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

The herbs pack a powerful punch when used as teas, infusions, balms etc. Banathya Botanicals presents Mama E's Medicine Cabinet where we use much of mother natures finest herbs to support healthy living from the inside out. We offer various herbal blends and products to support your wellness needs.


Herbal Blends and Teas

Made with wellness in mind

Imunah Tea

Imunah means faith and faith is shown by what one believes. We believe herbs are nutritives for the benefit of the body so we've teamed up powerhouse nutritives like Elderberry, Mullien, Plantain, and others for a delicious way to support your body's wellness.


Irish Sea Moss

This powerhouse herb is a sea vegetable that does wonders for the body. It boasts 92 of the 108 micro/macro and mineral nutrients that our bodies need to function so by default it helps aide the body in many restorative and repairing processes.