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What's the point of skin care anyways?

There is no one size fits all when it comes to how to care for skin whether it's regarding products or procedures. Heavily melanated skin behaves differently, needs different products, and has different care goals then lighter less melanated skin. There are however, certain constants of skin care namely:

  1. It should help prevent or protect against environmental damage.

  2. It should work to maintain the aesthetics of the skin through cleansing, hydrating, and repairing.

  3. Be it products or procedures they should be targeted to work in tandem with the natural physiology of the users epidermis.

Why is skin care such a big deal?

Let's face it (pun intended) years of infomercials, commercials, and advertisements prove that many people want their skin care brands to unrealistically turn 55 plus year old wrinkles into youthful 20 year old elasticized skin. Few brands focus on just getting the skin to look its best at whatever stage it's in, but rather make claims to have the most powerful serums and the latest most exotic ingredients etc all for the purpose of fulfilling the beyond belief claims the brands make.

Banathya Botanicals focuses on your melanin being the best it was made to be naturally, das' it. Das' all.

Our goal for our products and formulas is much different than the average brands. We aim to bring out the best in what you have already, no gimmicks. Our goal for skin care all over the body is beyond being merely aesthetically pleasing. We look at the skin not as a canvas that needs to be smoothed and polished but rather as what it actually is; an organ. Better yet the largest organ of the human body. Maintaining that organ is apart of maintaining the body and should be done as naturally as possible. We understand that there are secondary benefits to the proper maintaining of not only skin, but hair and nails too.

If you are listening, your body has many ways of informing you of your underlying health. Signs and manifestations of the skin, hair, and nails are some of the foremost and essential indicators of the existence of internal maladies. Keeping up with your skin and maintaining it's best condition is not only beneficial directly to the epidermal layers but also for the identification of underlying health issues. When you are used to your skins appearance and behaviors at its best, you can immediately identify its decline and get cues to the reasons for its changes.

The Banathya Botanicals brand is one that works to improve the bodies natural state from the inside and the outside by creating our products with ingredients made by mother earth, with minimal manipulation, and eliminating unnecessary additives. This is our reason for creating all of our products. All over care for all around benefit.

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