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Wild Harvested Irish Sea Moss - Dried

Wild Harvested Irish Sea Moss - Dried


Who knew one of the most beneficial vegetables for the body is a sea vegetable? Irish Moss is known to be jam packed with 90 plus microminerals and nutrients that the body needs to perform it's daily functions.  Our Irish Sea Moss is grown wild and harvested wild from the beautiful waters of the Carribean and very easy to make and use as a gel. 


Step 1: Soak it overnight in filtered water.


Step 2: Rinse off any remaining debris.


Step 3: Blend using two cups of filtered water per 1 oz of dried moss. So if you hydrate one ounce of moss, blend it with 2 cups of water until smooth. Pour into an airtight container and refridgerate up to 1 week.  

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