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What We Do

We want you to feel that you are getting the attention you deserve whenever you come by our store. At Banathya Botanicals, we stand by our commitment to customer satisfaction by providing the community with a wide range of products for your body care needs.

Model Applying Cream

Skin Care


Hair Care

Banathya Botanicals

From soaps to lotions, facial masks and serums, to body scrubs and more we have what you need to get your skin glowing, supple, and beautiful.

Moist Care for Coarse Hair

Mane Tamed is the name and taming your glorious mane is our game. Our hair products are made by people with coarse kinky hair for coarse kinky hair. So we know the delicacy and care needed to get coarse hair looking and shining it's best.


Men's Grooming


Herbal Blends and Wellness Teas

Burly Ban

Get your grooming game up with our Burly Ban men's products. We not only carry beard oils and conditioners but shaving bars, grooming equipment, and men fragrances too to keep well you trimmed and dapper.

Made to Suit Your Needs

What would Banathya Botanicals be without botanicals? The herbs of the earth are not only good for product application. They pack an even more powerful punch when taken internally as teas or infusions etc. We offer various blends for your wellness needs.

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