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Banathya Botanicals

Personal Care

From soaps to lotions, body oils, balms and more we've got your daily hygiene needs covered.

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Your Daily Care Products

You Deserve the Best

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Bar Soaps

We offer Artisan Essential Oil Bars, Spa Body Bars, our Vegan friendly Naked Bars and more. All of our soaps are made to benefit skin with no fillers, no synthetic ingredients, and no harsh chemical additives.


Liquid Soaps

Get your skin soft and cleansed with our liquid bastile hand and body wash. Plant based and vegan friendly. Our soaps are made cruelty free with no fillers and no synthetic ingredients.


Body Oils and Balms

Our body oils and balms are rich in nutrients and perfect for daily skin softening, nourishing, and protection.


Hygiene Care

Looking for daily hygiene products formulated to keep you fresh while not exposing your body to heavy metals, parabens, sulfates, oxides and other toxins? Say less. We've got it right here.

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